College TechBoost is a career-professional development initiative programme launched and powered by CREATIVEGOSHEN aimed at helping Nigerian Secondary Schools Students with acquisition of relevant  IT skills at this early stage before entering the tertiary phase of their lives.

The need for ICT in Nigerian Secondary Schools cannot be overemphasized 

Improved Secondary education is essential to the creation of effective human capital in any country . In this technology-driven age, everyone requires ICT competence to survive. Organizations are finding it very necessary to train and re-train their employees to establish or increase their knowledge of computers and other ICT facilities .  This calls for early acquisition of ICT skills by students.

The ability to use computers effectively has become an essential part of everyone's education. Skills such as bookkeeping, clerical and administrative work, stocktaking, and so forth, now constitute a set of computerized practices that form the core IT skills packages like spreadsheets, word processors, and databases.


The demand for computer/ICT literacy is increasing in Nigeria, because employees realize that computers and other ICT facilities can enhance efficiency. On the other hand, employees have also realized that computers can be a threat to their jobs, and the only way to enhance job security is to become computer literate. With the high demand for computer literacy, the teaching and learning these skills is a concern among professionals  which is also true of other ICT components.


In Schools where new technologies are used, students have access to tools that adjust to their attention span and provide valuable and immediate feedback for literacy enhancement, which is currently not fully implemented in many Nigerian Schools systems .

ICT application and use will prove beneficial in improving Nigeria's educational system and giving students a better education. A technologically-advanced workforce will lead to ICT growth in Nigeria, with the potential to improve military technology and telecommunications, media communications, and skilled ICT professionals who will be well-equipped to solve IT problems in Nigeria and other parts of the world.

These are the reasons for  the birth of this initiative - COLLEGE TECHBOOST